Describe An Ambition that You haven’t Achieved- IELTS Cue Card

Updated on 05 February, 2024

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Mrinal Mandal

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The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is an English language proficiency test for study, migration, or work in foreign countries. In part 2 of the speaking section, test takers are given a cue card to speak on a topic for one to two minutes. Describe an ambition that you haven’t achieved- is a common cue card topic. In this essay, you have to tap into your reservoir of personal experiences and thoughts. 

 Talk honestly about your unfulfilled ambitions and why you wanted to achieve the same. Your content flow should be coherent. Here are a couple of samples to help you get the drift.


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Describe an Ambition that You Haven’t Achieved: Sample 1

The pain of unfulfilled ambitions is severe; it disrupts the tone and tenor of daily life, continually interrupting our humdrum routines with the tenuous question- What if? I am also an individual who is similarly affected by the nostalgia and regret evoked in me periodically by the pangs of my unfulfilled ambition to be a professional swimmer. 

I loved swimming from childhood, learning at the tender age of six and graduating to full-fledged swimming at the neighborhood lake by age ten. The local swimming club where I enrolled; supported my talents. They urged my parents to let them nominate me for a national swimming scholarship. This would have advanced my career significantly, in their opinion. Alas, the ravages of time and fate are undeniable, and they struck at that budding moment. 

I suddenly got an eye infection, leaving my eyes swollen and red, and even impairing my visibility sometimes. The doctor advised me to stay away from swimming for a couple of months; this halted my selection trials for the national academy. Gradually, with my recovery from the eye infection, I had to wear goggles while swimming and eventually lost interest in the experience. With the zest to carve a niche for myself, I upskilled myself and chose an alternative career. As an engineer, I work with a leading multinational company and can contribute handsomely towards meeting my familial and social commitments. However, I am reminded of my earlier passion for the sport whenever I get a glimpse of a swimming pool. This is one ambition I have not achieved and will continue to regret for the rest of my days.

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Describe an Ambition that You Haven’t Achieved: Sample 2

Many of us have diverse and ever-evolving ambitions while growing up. However, I was always steadfast in my goal to become a professional musician. I informed my parents of my decision when I was only ten years old and in the fifth standard. There was a backdrop to this; my maternal grandmother was a trained classical singer who had performed on the radio. Listening to her recordings (dutifully preserved by my grandfather), I was inspired to take up music as my profession. My parents were immensely supportive of my decision and asked me to get trained by my grandmother. 

Over a few years, I nurtured my passion into a lifelong obsession. As a budding vocalist, my grandmother (my first guru) maintained that I had a fine voice. She advised me to enroll under a legendary professional classical singer. I was pleasantly surprised when he decided to accept me as his student. Things were going fine, and I was gradually gaining confidence. I had just graduated from college with History as my major. I was planning to enroll in my postgraduate course in music and continue my journey in the field.  I had just graduated from college with history as my major. I had just graduated from college with history as my major. My next logical step was to enroll in a postgraduate music course and continue my field journey. 

Yet, destiny intervened. I had casually applied to a prestigious university abroad for a master’s program in history. It came as a surprise to me when they accepted my candidature.  I only had a week to confirm, and I could not resist and made my way to the university. To date, my career trajectory and achievements keep me content. I am happy with my career and achievements to date. However, I still feel a tinge of regret on thinking of those days when I left my musical pursuits and the hard work of several years to take up a tempting offer.

Describe an Ambition that You Haven’t Achieved: Sample 3

One of my long-standing ambitions, which I haven’t achieved yet, is writing and publishing a novel. Ever since I was a teenager, I've been passionate about storytelling and have always dreamed of sharing my narratives with a broader audience. The idea of crafting a world through words, where characters navigate life’s complexities, has always fascinated me. My ambition is not just to write any novel, but one that resonates with readers, evoking emotions and sparking discussions.

The journey towards achieving this ambition has been challenging. Initially, the hurdles were mostly about finding the time and discipline to write consistently. Balancing a full-time job and personal commitments meant that writing often took a backseat. I realized that writing a novel requires more than just a passion for storytelling; it demands dedication, time management, and sometimes, sacrifices.

Another challenge has been dealing with self-doubt and the fear of rejection. There were moments when I questioned my ability as a writer and hesitated to share my work with others for feedback. The thought of my manuscript being rejected by publishers has been daunting, which at times, has hindered my motivation to write.

Despite these challenges, my ambition to publish a novel remains strong. Over the years, I've taken small but significant steps towards this goal. I’ve attended writing workshops to hone my craft, joined writing groups for support and accountability, and have started to build a daily writing habit. I've also begun sharing my work with close friends and family, which has been incredibly encouraging.

To date, I've completed several short stories and a draft of a novel. While the novel is still far from ready for publication, the process of writing it has been immensely rewarding. It has allowed me to express my creativity, explore different perspectives, and grow as a writer.

In conclusion, although I haven't yet achieved my ambition of publishing a novel, the journey has taught me the value of perseverance, resilience, and the importance of pursuing one’s passion. I remain hopeful and committed to realizing this dream, understanding that every word I write brings me one step closer to achieving my ambition.

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