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Updated on 08 September, 2023

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ielts essay on animals

Writing an IELTS essay on animals should not be taken lightly. Ensure that you state your objectives clearly in the essay and follow a proper structure that the examiner can understand. Write your essay within the stipulated timeline of 40 minutes while sticking to the minimum word count of 250 words. There is no maximum limit to the word count.

IELTS Essay on Animals- Samples for Your Perusal

Many advocate the need to protect all wild animals, while others think that it is important to protect some, not all of them. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Essay 1- 

Some people have recommended selective and analytical protection or safeguarding of wild animals. In my personal opinion, the world and humanity hold responsibility for all kinds of wild animals. However, it may periodically have justifications for allocating more resources towards conserving species of a more valuable nature. 

Those advocating the protection of specific wild animal species talk about various specific aspects, including the threats faced by these particular species and their overall value from an environmental perspective. For example, tigers are endangered animals and require resource-intensive efforts for conservation compared to commoner animals without the threat of extinction, such as pigeons or even rats, for instance, that have already adapted the skills of thriving in urban semi-urban environments. 

Many people will agree that there is a lack of proper logic in offering equal protection and support for species in varying habitats and circumstances. Extreme critics of such policies may also add that some animals deserve better preservation than many others. The tiger, for example, is valued for its biodiversity contributions, its overall nature, and aesthetic factors. Other species like honey bees, for instance, have medicinally and commercially valuable offerings for mankind and the world at large while they are not as valued for aesthetics. 

However, I still opine that protection should be similar for all wild animals since humankind has played the biggest role in endangering them. Before the growing population and industrialization over the last few hundred years, animals and humans resided on Earth as equals while sharing its bounties and natural resources more judiciously and equally. For a long time, human beings have kept developing, outstripping natural development. They have now started becoming threats to the natural growth and habitats of innumerable species of wild animals. Humans must implement proper safeguards for all species of wild animals. The absence of protective measures will lead to the entire biodiversity chain collapsing globally, with more ecosystems shrinking and animals dying out and going extinct. Even if a wild animal is not about to go extinct, it will always be crucial for maintaining the population levels of the species to combat any future cycle of irreversible damage. 

To conclude, human beings should take protective measures for all wild animals and as many wild animals as possible. However, there are some exceptional scenarios where priority could be given to a few species based on circumstantial factors and reasons. Society and global governments should participate and collaborate in measures and regulations to ensure that wild animals are not casualties of human growth and development. (447 words) 

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Question- Several people believe that animals should have equal rights as humans and shouldn't be exploited by people. In contrast, others think that humans must use animals to satisfy their needs, including uses for food and research. 

Talk about both sides and give your opinion

Essay 2- 

Human beings have always used animals in various forms to fulfill diverse requirements. Yet, while some individuals think that animals should have similar treatment in human beings with equal rights, others feel that it is vital to use animals for medical research, food, and other uses. 

Talking about animals being exploited, many feel it is rather acceptable for different reasons. They feel that human beings are the most vital on the Earth and the entire food chain, with every possible measure being taken for ensuring their continued survival, growth, and progress. If this equates to animal experimentation for curing and combating diseases, then that would be a bigger priority than the suffering of animals. At the same time, these people also believe that animals do not have feelings of loss or pain in the manner of human beings, and hence if they are killed for use as food, then it could be morally and ethically all right. 

Yet, I do not feel that these arguments have much meat. Several secret films in laboratories have already shown that courtesy of groups for animal rights and other evidence, animals feel pain akin to human beings and suffer when caged for longer durations. Alongside, a major amount of research on animals is already done for medicinal and cosmetic uses. It is not all for finding remedies to ailments, and hence the cosmetics and beauty industry exploits animals greatly for its profits. This is not fully necessary, in my opinion. It has also been seen that human beings can receive all necessary vitamins and nutrients from plants. Hence, killing animals for food purposes is not a suitable argument. 

In conclusion, though some people state that animals can be killed or exploited for food and research purposes, I will ethically argue that there is evidence to show that this is not the right path. Steps should be taken to enhance the safety and rights of animals instead. (347 words) 

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