How to download IELTS Scorecard - Tips to follow

Updated on 06 November, 2023

Anupriya Mukherjee

Anupriya Mukherjee

Sr. Content Writer

how to download ielts scorecard

After attempting the IELTS exam, we understand the anticipation of discovering your proficiency in the English language. The IELTS scorecard helps you unveil your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills scores. Want to know how to download the IELTS’ scorecard? Here is the step-by-step guide to downloading the IELTS score card.

What is IELTS Test Report Form (TRF)

IELTS Test Report Form or IELTS TRF is an official copy of your IELTS result. It remains valid for two years. This certified documentation of your IELTS outcome could be both electronic (eTRF) or paper copy (paper TRF). IELTS TRF showcases your English proficiency in four skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Therefore, to understand the scorecard, you need to know the procedure of IELTS TRF download

Step by Step Guide for Downloading IELTS Scorecard

To preview the online result of IELTS scorecard or eTRF, you can follow these steps:  

  1. Login at the official website of IDP with the registered email Id and password. Now, click the Request a Test Report Form link. 
  2. Enter all the required details such as Given/Other Name, Family Name, Passport number or ID number, and Date of Birth. 
  3. Click on the Get Results button.

Note: The paper TRF is considered as the official and authentic scorecard in every university; eTRF remains the provisional IELTS result. 

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How Long Does it Take to Get the IELTS Result

After giving your IELTS exam, you can get your IELTS TRF within 13 days of the exam. The duration varies from three to 13 days, depending on the mode of exam.

IELTS Online3 to 6 days
IELTS on computer at test center3 to 5 days
IELTS on paper at test centerWithin 13 days

Download E-Books for IELTS Preparation

ielts sample essays

IELTS TRF E-Downloads – Things to Remember

Several points that you should keep in mind with regard to IELTS E-Downloads. They include: 

  • Results of IELTS are usually released 13 days after the date of the test while the results require around 24-48 hours post release of the result to be shown on the official website. 
  • Candidates should request for their results to be sent to the institution via the testing center directly. 
  • For accessing new results of IELTS submitted to the institution, you should ensure that you regularly log in to the IELTS system. The scores in IELTS are not updated in the system automatically. 
  • The scores in IELTS may then be imported in a similar manner as other testing scores. 
  • Send the form online in the PDF format. 

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Download IELTS Sample Papers

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Download IELTS Preparation Guide For Free

Get to know about the latest updates on the IELTS Exam, Eligibility, Preparation Tips, Test procedure,  Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Registration Process, Important Exam Dates, and much more!! This guide is a one-stop solution for every IELTS Aspirant who aims to crack the exam with an impressive band score.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get an IELTS score card?

You can easily get your IELTS score card through the eTRF facility. You have to login to the official website with the registered email and password, and fill in all the details correctly. Then, click on the Get results button. You will be able to see your result. Apart from this, you will receive the official paper TRF within 13 days after attempting the IELTS exam.Remember that IELTS results are officially released only 13 days after the date of the test and may require another 24-48 hours to appear on the site.

When do we get IELTS score card?

You will get the TRF (test report form) as a paper copy through mail delivery. This happens 13 days after the date of the IELTS paper test. You will get it 5-7 days after your computer-based IELTS testing date. You should wait for at least 7 working days in order to get delivery. Taking the IELTS examination on the computer will help you get the results within 3-5 days of appearing for the exam. The results will be shown as scores in the 0-9 bands. You can also ask for an enquiry on results (remark) within a period of 6 weeks from the date of the test. This entire mechanism will need 2-21 days on average. If the band score is changed, then you will get a refund on the fee paid for requesting the remark.

How to get a duplicate IELTS score card?

After giving the IELTS exam, you will get a single copy of the TRF and it can only be replaced once it is damaged or lost. For getting a duplicate TRF copy, you will have to contact the centre where you sat for your test. You should offer a written request, furnishing a copy of the ID document used on the day of the test. Those wishing to use IELTS results for immigration can apply for an extra TRF copy from the centre. The application proof should be furnished in this regard.

How to track my IELTS score card?

To track your IELTS score card, you must wait for 3 to 6 days after attempting the exam. You can always log in to the official website and check for the status of your IELTS scorecard.

How is the IELTS score card calculated?

The calculation of the IELTS score card takes place through a specific system. The band score is the average of the four scores that you have obtained in the speaking, listening, writing and reading sections. These are rounded off till the nearest half or whole band. For example, if you get 6.1, then the score will be rounded off to 6.0. Scores up to .25 will be rounded till the corresponding half band and those ending in .75, the score will be rounded up to the next band.

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