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Priyanshu, a Software Engineer who found us via Instagram is all set to pursue his dream course in Germany.

Priyanshu Tyagi

MBA program - IU Germany

Hritike, a Data Analyst is all set to pursue his Masters in Data Analytics from the US with 30% scholarship from the University.

Hritike Singh Rawat

MS in Data Analytics - Clark University

Abhinav, is all set to pursue his Masters in Data Analytics from Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland.

Abhinav Damle

Pursuing Masters in Data Analytics - Dundalk Institute of Technology

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Are you ready to fast-forward your career with upGrad Abroad? Excellent job prospects, never experienced before ROI, and relatively easy access to the international job market await you! With flexibility and affordability at the core of our study model, our exclusive range of Accel Programs are a game-changer for aspirants who dream to study abroad.

While most study abroad consultants offer traditional services of admission support to aspirants, we at upGrad Abroad ensure end-to-end assistance with application and visa processes. Our trailblazing Accel Programs are where our exclusivity lies. It has been transforming the overseas education ecoystem into one that is inclusive, flexible, and affordable. Now, learners can start their course from their desired international university online, and complete it on-campus abroad, while being granted the same degree and post-study work visa opportunities as any regular international student. With over a decade of experience, our career counselors direct learners to the right process of visa, documentation, application, SOP, and LOR - till they are finally able to realize their study overseas dream. Our services also extend to providing offshore support to upGrad Abroad learners with accommodation, part-time, career guidance, and many others. Reasons to Study Abroad The benefits of studying abroad for Indian students are too many and this is why lakhs of aspirants take the education abroad route to fuel their careers: Top-notch Education Studying overseas is the most rewarding for students who wish to get the best quality education and learn the most innovative approach to their selected program. Studying abroad is known to impart the most relevant industry knowledge while encouraging analytical thinking and a solution-driven approach. Unparalleled Career Growth: Most learners who opt for abroad education are looking at increasing their employability and salary packages. Overseas education enhances accessibility to a better organized international job market and aids in getting hired by top employers globally. Global Networking: International students are able to build strong lifelong connections with their classmates, professors, and professionals from their field. These connections are valuable for future collaborations, career opportunities, and a broader global perspective. Personal Development: There is nothing more enriching to personal development than overseas education. Students who go abroad get to explore new places, cuisines and meet people from across borders, thereby, having an enriching experience. Experience Diversity: Drawing upon the experience of the people one meets and taking inspiration from their wide knowledge base helps spark innovative ideas. Experiencing diversity in our student life prepares us to practice acceptance and inclusivity in the later stages of our lives and careers. Why Study Abroad with upGrad Abroad? Choosing the right course, university, and country to pursue higher education is a big challenge that stands in the way of study abroad aspirants. But thanks to upGrad Abroad, the study abroad arm of upGrad, students now have access to a range of affordable and flexible Accel programs at top 1% of universities globally. Choose from 200+ bachelor's and master's programs across the most in-demand international destinations, such as the USA, Germany, the UK, Ireland, France, Canada, Finland, and more. Accel Programs upGrad Abroad introduced a novel selection of programs in 2021 to help students take advantage of study abroad possibilities with ease, flexibility, and affordability. Our program works in a unique hybrid learning format (part online and part on-campus) that allows our learners to make a smooth transition from education or work in India to studying abroad, along with shortening their course duration and saving costs. Accel programs offer learners the opportunity to access high-quality education and leverage technology along with exceptional student services such as IELTS/TOEFL preparation, visa support, expert lectures, and others. USPs of Accel Programs? upGrad Abroad's Accel program provides learners with several unique advantages that set it apart from regular study abroad programs. Some of the benefits include: Start in India & Complete On-Campus Abroad Completing a part of the Accel program in the home country lets learners earn academic credits that are recognized by our 60+ university partners worldwide. With our unique study model, our learners get the flexibility to start their course in India and complete it on-campus abroad. Learners can also avail of the usual post-study work visa in any of the world's best study destinations with our Accel programs. Access to High-Quality Education Pursuing the Accel program gives learners access to high-quality content delivered via cutting-edge technology. The content has been designed with the intent to develop expertise in the chosen study area. Cost-Saving As studying through upGrad Abroad's Accel program allows learners to pursue the initial coursework in India, it lets them save significant costs (up to 20 lakh) in their living and tuition expenses on their foreign degrees. Post-Study Work Rights Learners become eligible for post-study work rights upon the completion of the Accel Program. This allows learners to enhance their career prospects, gain valuable work experience, and establish themselves globally in their chosen field. Unique Student Services The enrolled learners get end-to-end assistance with academic support, career guidance, visa support, and networking opportunities. The ‘On-shore Buddy’ initiative in different countries assists and supports students throughout course completion for finding accommodation, part-time work, and more. Read our study abroad blogs to know more about overseas study. Whether you are planning to study a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree abroad, you can find the best courses to study abroad here. If you want any assistance or details regarding Scholarship, Statement of Purpose (SOP), student visa, cost of studying and cost of living for studying abroad, the best education system in the world, or anything related to studying abroad, find out here. Top Study Abroad Destinations Study in USA The United States of America (USA) hosts the most number of international students across the globe, and among them, the Indian student community is the largest. On average, there are over a million international students with active study visas at any point in time. The country provides excellent academic options, cutting-edge technology, a huge variety of courses, top industry leaders, skilled faculty, vibrant campus infrastructure, student organizations, and lucrative employment opportunities. Project management courses in the USA, digital marketing courses in the USA, business analytics courses in the USA, and data science courses in the USA are the most preferred choices for degree education. Some of the best universities in the USA for higher education are: Arizona State University Northeastern University Purdue University New York University University of South Florida University of Buffalo Pace University George Mason University University of Texas at Arlington University of Arizona The following table represents the course details that the USA offers for various specializations. Course Level Specialization MS in Data Science in USA Masters Data Science MS in Business Analytics in USA Masters Business Analytics MS in Computer Science in USA Masters Computer Science MS in Data Analytics in USA Masters Data Analytics MS in Cyber Security in USA Masters Cyber Security MS in Civil Engineering in USA Masters Civil Engineering MS in Mechanical Engineering in USA Masters Mechanical Engineering MS in Supply Chain Management in USA Masters Supply Chain Management MS in Computer Science in USA Bachelors Computer Science MS in Psychology in USA Bachelors Psychology Study in Germany Germany is known as the best-value country for international students. One of the primary reasons behind being the best value for money country is free undergraduate and low-cost postgraduate degrees. Germany is also one of the strongest economies in Europe, and so international students can expect excellent career opportunities upon course completion. Here are some of the most coveted courses in Germany: Course Level Specialization Master of Business Administration Masters Business Administration Master Degree in Cyber Security Masters Cyber Security Study in France With its vibrant culture, relishable cuisine, and world-class universities, France is the ideal destination for students seeking international careers. The French capital, Paris, is consistently ranked among the best student cities in the world because of low tuition fees and the multicultural environment at its schools. France is sought-after for a number of courses such as business management, luxury brand management, hotel management, fashion design, computer science, film studies, data science, and engineering. Students graduating from universities in France have impressive job prospects. French is also one of the most popular languages in the business world. The presence of some of the biggest international corporations in France further adds to the country’s popularity among international students. Indian students pursuing master’s here can also avail of a 5-year post-study visa. Study in Canada The relatively easy immigration policies, smoother PR route and top-ranked international universities have made Canada a go-to destination for international students. Additionally, research-focused curriculum, excellent quality of life, diverse and exclusive environment are other reasons adding to Canada’s popularity among study abroad aspirants. Canada is well-known for learning and work opportunities in management, nursing, hotel management, project management, business management, business analytics, data analytics, healthcare, dentistry, human resource management, architecture, arts, supply chain management, interior design, and fashion design. There are many Canadian universities that offer the best learning experience. Below are some of the best universities you can pick for higher education. The University of British Columbia University of Alberta Concordia University University of Windsor University of Manitoba University of Saskatchewan Thompson Rivers University Trent University University of Victoria These are some of the most sought-after courses offered in Canada: Course Level Specialization MS in Computer Science in Canada Masters Computer Science MS in Data Science in Canada Masters Data Science MS in Public Health in Canada Masters Public Health MS in Business Analytics in Canada Masters Business Analytics MS in International Business in Canada Masters International Business Bachelors in Psychology in Canada Bachelors Psychology Bachelors in Nursing in Canada Bachelors Nursing Bachelors in Pharmacy in Canada Bachelors Pharmacy Study in UK The United Kingdom (UK) is a leading education center in the world. The country has the second-most number of Nobel laureates in the world, meaning a higher impetus for research and practical learning. The universities in the UK are renowned for offering specializations in digital marketing, project management, psychology, hospitality management, interior design, fashion design, pharmacy, teaching, business, public health, public relations, data science, public health, cyber security, law, and finance. Following is the list of the best universities in the UK that welcome international students to pursue higher education. University of Oxford University of Cambridge Coventry University University of Bristol Birmingham City University University of Leicester Queen Mary University of London De Montfort University University of West London University of Portsmouth Below are the best courses to study in the UK for international students. Course Level Specialization MS in Public Health in UK Masters Public Health MS in Computer Science in UK Masters Computer Science MS in Data Science in UK Masters Data Science MS in International Business in UK Masters International Business MS in Business Analytics in UK Masters Business Analytics MS in Cyber Security in UK Masters Cyber Security MS in Biomedical Engineering in UK Masters Biomedical Engineering MS in Accounting and Finance in UK Masters Accounting and Finance Bachelors in Computer Science in UK Bachelors Computer Science Bachelors in Nursing in UK Bachelors Nursing Bachelors in Hospitality Management in UK Bachelors Hospitality Management Study in Finland The happiest countries in the world, Finland, serves as an attractive choice for international students because of affordable education, reputed colleges, and an inclusive and diverse environment. Universities in the country welcome thousands of international students annually and are well-known for their up-to-date curricula and application-based learning. Some of the most in-demand courses in Finland include computational engineering, digital analytics, information and communication technology, data science, and nursing. With a strong and stable economy, Finland offers one of the highest average salaries around the globe. In Europe, Finland has also solidified its position as the most digitally advanced country. Thus, opening doors to a number of job opportunities in the field of IT and engineering. Finland is also considered to be the safest country for international students and provides a high standard of living. Study in Australia Australia draws the attention of international students because of its tuition cost and living expenditure, which are comparatively lower than in many other countries. It provides high-quality education, exceptional living standards, and multiple career opportunities. Australia is well-known for its expertise in hospitality, MBA, management, information technology (IT), accounting, education, and healthcare. Among these, hotel management courses in Australia and nursing courses in Australia are the most preferred programs for international students. Below are some top Australian universities for education abroad: Deakin University Monash University Carnegie Mellon University University of Sydney The University of Queensland RMIT University Macquarie University La Trobe University Griffith University Flinders University Curtin University Below are the course details that Australia offers to their international students: Course Level Specialization MS in Pharmacy in Australia Masters Pharmacy MS in Supply Chain Management in Australia Masters Supply Chain Management MS in Computer Science in Australia Masters Computer Science MS in Business Analytics in Australia Masters Business Analytics MS in Cyber Security in Australia Masters Cyber Security Bachelors in Nursing in Australia Bachelors Nursing Bachelors in Information Technology in Australia Bachelors Information Technology Study in Ireland If you wish to pursue your education in a progressive and innovative country with promising career prospects, Ireland is the top choice for you. The country is well-known for reasonable living costs, quality education, and financial aid through scholarships. Ireland ranks 3rd in the Global Peace Index, and is one of the safest countries for international students. IT, healthcare and engineering are some of the popular disciplines to pursue from the country. The best universities in Ireland and the best courses in Ireland will help you reach your career objectives. Best Study Abroad Programs Here are some of the best options to study overseas offered by upGrad Abroad: Course name Country Special course features Master of Business Administration with IU Germany Germany Study the first two semesters online and the remaining six months are completed on-campus in Germany. Master Degree in Data Science with IU Germany Germany Study the first year online with IIIT Bangalore and second-year on-campus at IU Germany. Master in International Management with IU Germany Germany Study the first year online with IMT Ghaziabad and migrate to the IU Germany campus for offline classes. MS in Data Analytics in USA, Clark University USA Study 8 months online with IIIT Bangalore and transfer to 12 months of Master of Science in Data Analytics at Clark University, US. Master of Business Administration, UCW Canada Canada Certificate from IMT, Ghaziabad and Masters Degree from UCW MS in Artificial Intelligence in USA, Yeshiva University USA Study 8 months online with IIIT Bangalore and transfer to 12 months of Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence at Yeshiva University, US. MS in Project Management in USA, Clark University USA Study 8 months online with IIIT Bangalore and transfer to 12 months of Master of Science in Project Management at Clark University, US. Master in Computer Science in Germany, IU Germany Study 12 months online with IU and transfer to 12 months of Master in Computer Science On-Campus in IU Germany. MS in Information Technology in USA, Clark University USA Study 8 months online with IIIT Bangalore and transfer to 12 months of Master of Science in Information Technology at Clark University, US. MS in Data Analytics and Visualization in USA, Yeshiva University USA Study 8 months online with IIIT Bangalore and transfer to 12 months of Master in Data Analytics & Visualization at Yeshiva University, US. Exams Required to Study Abroad IELTSTM Exam International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most widely accepted language proficiency exams that assesses the candidate’s familiarity with the English language. It is designed to help individuals who wish to study, work or migrate to a country where English is the primary language. Conducted in different difficulty levels for students (IELTS Academic) and immigration (IELTS General) purposes, the exam tests the test-taker’s proficiency in speaking , reading , writing , and listening skills. Scheduled multiple times every year, IELTS is conducted at more than 20 test centers across the country by IDP Education. Aspirants register online for the test, which stays valid for two years. Recommended Read: IELTS Listening Band Score IELTS Writing Task 2 Topics IELTS Fees IELTS Exam Pattern IELTS Academic vs General IELTS Band Descriptors Making every Drop Count Sheet glass Manufacture Reading Answers IELTS Ecological reading Answers Advantages Of Tourism IELTS Score For Australia TOEFL® Exam TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is widely accepted by universities worldwide. Conducted more than 60 times a year at authorized test centers around the world by ETS, the exam evaluates the test takers on the basis of their Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills. Recommended Reads: TOEFL Exam Registration TOEFL Exam Pattern TOEFL Syllabus TOEFL Exam Dates 2023 TOEFL Exam Fee TOEFL Vocabulary TOEFL accepting universities in Canada TOEFL Exam accepted in USA TOEFL accepted universities in UK PTE Exam The Pearson Test of English is a computer-based English language test taken by non-native English speakers aspiring to study abroad. Similar to other language proficiency tests, the exam assesses the test-takers on their Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading abilities. Conducted by Pearson PLC Group, PTE has more than 400 test centers across the world. PTE Academic, PTE Home Tests, PTE Academic UKVI, and PTE Core are the exam types. Recommended Read: PTE Exam Format PTE exam Dates 2023 PTE Syllabus PTE Exam Eligibility Criteria PTE Accepted Universities in USA PTE Accepted Universities in Canada PTE Exam For Australia PTE Score Card Duolingo Exam Duolingo Exam Test (DET)is an English language proficiency test designed by an organization that goes by the same name. It measures the language proficiency of candidates in all four aspects: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. It consists of two parts: Adaptive test and Video interview. The questions of the test evaluate the critical thinking skills of the candidate. Recommended Read: Duolingo English Test Registration Duolingo Exam Fees Duolingo English Test Booking Duolingo Accepted Universities In Australia Duolingo Preparation GRE® Exam Graduate Record Examinations or GRE is a standardized test designed by ETS to measure the aptitude of graduate school aspirants. Candidates appearing for the tests are required to show achievement in three sections: Critical and Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning GRE Subject Tests are taken by aspirants who are required to prove their aptitude in specific subjects such as physics, psychology, or mathematics. The test scores of the exam are accepted for admission to graduate programs in law, business, engineering, and other masters. Recommended Read: GRE Exam Registration GRE Exam Fee GRE Exam Eligibility GRE to GMAT Score Conversion GMATTM Exam GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardized exam designed for admission into graduate business and management programs. It is a multiple-choice, computer-adaptive test that covers three sections: verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing. The exam is conducted by an international non-profit organization: Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Recommended Read: GMAT Exam Registration GMAT Syllabus GMAT Eligibility How to Prepare for GMAT GMAT Exam Dates 2023 AWA GMAT GMAT Exam Pattern ACT® Exam The ACT Exam or American College Test is a standardized test used for undergraduate admissions in the United States and Canada. It is conducted by ACT Inc. It consists of four main sections: English, Math, Reading, Science, and one optional Writing section. Recommended Read: ACT Exam Pattern ACT Registration ACT Exam Eligibility ACT Exam syllabus 2023 ACT Test Dates 2023 ACT Tips ACT Exam Centres In India ACT Score ACT Writing SAT Exam SAT score is an admission requirement for students wishing to enroll in undergraduate programs. It is a multiple-choice, pencil-and-paper test created and conducted by the College Board. The updated format of SAT includes three sections: Reading, Writing and Language, & Math. The length of the exam is three hours. Recommended Read: SAT Exam Registration SAT Exam Dates SAT Exam Eligibility SAT Exam SAT Syllabus SAT Exam Pattern USMLESM Exam The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is an exam necessary to start medical practice in the United States of America (USA). It is a three-step exam to measure a candidate’s ability to apply the knowledge, concepts, and patient-centered skills that form the basis for safe and effective care. USMLE Exam Syllabus majorly consists of biology, biochemistry, and biostatics. Learn more details about the exam like USMLE Exam dates, USMLE Exam Fees and USMLE Exam Centers in India, and start your USMLE Preparation with upGrad Abroad. OET Exam OET, or Occupational English Test, is an international English language test taken by candidates aspiring to pursue a healthcare career in an English-speaking country. It is conducted for a duration of approximately 3 hours to assess a candidate’s English speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in the context of the healthcare environment. OET eligibility criteria and OET syllabus need to be carefully looked at while OET preparation. LSAT® Exam LSAT or the Law School Admission Test is taken by individuals who wish to pursue a career in law. It is conducted by the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). The test is accepted by all law schools accredited by American Bar Association (ABA). Candidates are assessed on skills such as logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, and reading comprehension. The exam format consists of two parts- MCQs and a writing sample. LSAT can be taken remotely or at a test center. The LSAT score ranges from 120-180. PLAB PLAB or Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test is used by the General Medical Council to assess if a doctor has the requisite knowledge and skills to practice in the United Kingdom. The test has two parts. The first part consists of multiple-choice questions, and it is a 3-hour exam with 180 questions.The second part is an objective structured clinical examination or an OSCE. The candidate must clear both the parts to become eligible for a medical license in the UK. Moreover, the candidate can appear for the first part from any country. But, the second part has to be attempted at any of the General Medical Council’s clinical assessment centers in the UK. Knowledge Base Spoilt for choice or simply confused? Acquiring the most authentic information on academic disciplines in the context of the present-day dynamic curriculum is super easy now! Empower yourself with the most critical knowledge for deciding the trajectory of your future. Read details on Accounting, Architecture, Arts And Social Science, Aviation, Business Finance And Economics, Communication And Media, Computer Science And IT, Data Science And Analytics, Design, Engineering, Environmental Science, Food And Agriculture, Health, Health And Medicine, Law And Legal Studies, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Science, Political Science, Teaching and Education here. Get in Touch With Our Study Abroad Consultants The study abroad process may get overwhelming for aspirants and delay their overseas education journey. However, with our end-to-end application and visa support, we have been able to break down the process into smaller but significant milestones comprising: finalizing destination, university and program; starting the program in India; getting an accelerated entry by bypassing GMAT/GRE exams; sorting finance, visa and accommodation; and then finally flying on-campus for completing the degree. upGrad Abroad’s in-house study abroad program experts have years of experience in helping aspirants pursuing their dream course abroad. These industry experts simplify your international education process and guide you throughout your career transformation journey. You can reach out to our study overseas consultants for queries regarding exams required, choosing the right university, finances, admission procedures, and all other studying abroad aspects. You can also contact the counselors by posting a query on the upGrad Abroad website. ...Read more